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    Scan® 100

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Manual colony counter

Scan® 100 is a manual colony counter equipped with a LED lighting system and an ergonomic hand rest. The Dark Field technology provides indirect, accurate and contrasted lighting of the colonies.

Its USB port ensures traceability by exporting the results without prior software installation and with an error-free export.

Key features

    • Adjustable sensitivity of touch surface
    • For all culture media: Petri dishes (ø 55, 65, 90, 150 mm), PetrifilmTM, Compact DryTM...
    • Multifunction digital screen
    • Counting: from 0 to 1999 CFU
    • USB port: easy data transfer via any software (PC/Mac)
    • Dark Field technology for a contrasted view of the colonies
    • Adjustable counting beeps: 4 sound levels
    • Adjustable LED intensity
    • Adapted to any pen
    • Built-in storage rack


    • All stainless steel, very robust
    • Long lasting white LEDs,
    • adjustable intensity
    • Dark Field lighting
    • Ergonomic hand rest
    • Instant export of results