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    Scan® 300

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Scan® 300 Automatic colony counter

Scan® 300 is an automatic colony counter with the essential features to start the automatic colony counting and is specifically designed for environments of food microbiology (PCA, VRBG, MRS...).

Key features

    • CMOS color camera, zoom x28, M12 lens, 1 megapixel resolution
    • 6 combinations of lighting and backgrounds
    • Motorized background color
    • Brightness, contrast and sensitivity are automatically optimized by the software
    • Minimum size of detected colony: 0.1 mm
    • Automatic separation of clustered colonies
    • Creation of polygonal exclusion zones
    • Long lasting LED lighting
    • Export of data to printed report, Excel™, PDF, jpg, png, bmp, xls, recountable session
    • Software in French, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German
    • Compatible with dataLinkTM traceability system (see p. 39 for more details)
    • Integrated CFR21 part 11: encrypted audit trail, 3 user levels


    • Instant results
    • Traceability: automatic saving of images and results
    • LIMS connection and Bar-code reader
    • Data export to Excel™
    • Minimum size of detected colony: 0.1 mm

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